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Life Settlements 
This fairly new transaction has exploded with growth in the last 5 years.  In today’s uncertain economic times, Life Settlements have been providing cash to many recipients that didn’t even realize they had this hidden jewel. 
Typically, insured’s allow unwanted life insurance policies either lapse or surrender them for a minimal cash surrender value (if any) with the insurer. 
Today, through the Life Settlement market, also called the life insurance Secondary Market, an insured can sell their unwanted life insurance policy for a value typically much higher than the surrender value but below the face amount (death benefit).  Even after any fees, the insured can walk away with much more money than if they just let the policy lapse or surrendered the policy for the minimal cash surrender value.
Who is eligible for a Life Settlement transaction?  Typical transactions are for insured’s that are over age 65.  We recently partnered with companies that are now looking for applicants as young as age 55 and over.
Here are just a few reasons why people do Life Settlements:
1.       Access to CASH
2.       Current policies premium is too expensive.
3.       Your current life policy may be no longer needed.
4.       You have acquired other life policies and have no need for the current Term or Universal life policy.
5.       You no longer have an Estate Tax need and therefore, do not need ALL of your life insurance policies.
6.       Your health has deteriorated and you would rather have cash now to enjoy life, rather then leave a death benefit to a beneficiary.
7.       An officer of the company you own or are employed at recently retired and did not keep the “Key Person” life policy on their life.
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